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Welcome to the fast and easy way to find and compare Reading driving schools and Reading driving lessons.

Like many things, when looking for a Reading driving instructor it is best to get several different quotes for prices and the services offered for driving lessons.

In two simple steps you can begin to receive quotes from different Reading driving schools - making the quickest and easiest way to find the best instructor or driving school.

Price, although important, is only one of the factors worth considering. Pass rate, qualifications, type of driving school car and experience are just some of the questions worth asking when choosing an instructor.

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The Cost of Reading Driving Lessons

The price of Reading driving lessons could well be one of the primary concerns when looking for good Reading driving schools and Reading driving instructors. When finances are tight, every penny counts - but simply choosing the cheapest Reading driving lessons or Reading driving courses could turn out to be a false economy when you learn to drive in Reading.

If, for example, the cheapest Reading driving schools provided lower quality driving lessons, you could simply end up having to take further driver training and potentially several driving tests to get your new driving licence! Those 'cheap' Reading driving lessons suddenly wouldn't be very cheap any more!

Complete Driving Courses Reading

In general, you can learn to drive in Reading via two main ways - by taking one of the driving courses Reading available locally or by taking individual Reading driving lessons (which would be the 'normal' method of learning to drive in Reading).

Intensive driving courses Reading (more commonly known as crash courses) could be the perfect way to pass your driving test and get that all important driving licence in as little as one or two weeks - as opposed to several months by taking individual Reading driving lessons.

These driving courses Reading also can have their drawbacks. People learning anything very quickly (including driving) can forget a significant proportion of what they learn if they have a long break (possibly due to failing a driving test).

Learn to Drive in Reading

Some people learn to drive in Reading with a friend or relative who meets the legal requirement to supervise a learner driver rather than one of the driving instructors Reading has to offer. There will however come a time when the services of one of the driving schools in Reading should be used to 'fine tune' the new drivers skills in preparation for the driving test.

An approach I would recommend if you wish to take a lot of hours practising privately, would be to meet a suitably qualified Reading driving instructor or one of the driving schools Reading on a regular basis to ensure that no bad driving habits are being imparted by the supervisor as you learn to drive in Reading.

Finding the best, not just the cheapest can save you hundreds of pounds as you learn to drive - our service can help you save!