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What is important for you when looking for a Norwich driving school? Pass rate? Type of car? Cost? Experience and qualifications of your driving instructor? - If you want to learn to drive in Norwich, you could save money and find the best quality instructor by being 'choosy'.

You could WIN £75 WORTH OF LESSONS simply by finding your Norwich driving instructor through our FREE service.

Whatever you're looking for, can help by getting quotes from several driving instructors at once, quickly and easily, helping you make the best, most informed decision.

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One of the DSA Test Centres covered by our instructors is:

Norwich MPTC
Plot 16A, Peachman Way, Broadlands Business Park, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich NR7 0WE

Are you looking for driving lessons in Norwich (home of the famous Admiral Nelson and Delia Smith!)?

In Norwich and the surrounding area we have driving instructors ready to provide you with quotes, answering any questions you may have.

Driving School Quotes Around Norwich

1. How many quotes will I receive?

You will receive up to 5 quotes in total from registered driving instructors in your area.

If you have included any specific queries with your quote request such as, ‘what type of driving school cars do you use?’ or ‘what is your pass rate?’ or ‘do you do intensive driving courses?’ they will provide you with information at that time.

2. How much do ChoosyLearner charge?

Nothing. We don’t charge pupils anything to use our service, anything we receive is from registered instructors – and even that is not very much, as we are aiming to keep down the costs associated with driving instructing which in turn helps keep down lesson prices for pupils.

3. Are my details safe?

Yes. We fully comply with UK data protection laws and those with whom we request quotes for you also have specifically agreed to only use your details for the purpose of the specific quotes you require.

In other words you will not get any irrelevant phone calls or even associated calls after your initial quotes have been received. 4. Will I receive my quotes via email/immediately on screen? Unlike something straight forward like car insurance, where it is really ‘one size fits all’ driving lessons are not the same – therefore is may be unwise to make choices based on simple price.

Cheap driving lessons may not mean good driving lessons. Maybe the cheapest driving lessons may be from an instructor who has literally just qualified or indeed not yet qualified, maybe the best price might not fit with your availability, etc. Therefore all quotes are provided personally via email/telephone from a real person who can answer your real questions.

5. How long will I have to wait for Norwich driving lesson quotes? We pass on quote requests almost immediately to up to 5 local driving instructors prepared to give you quotes for your driving lessons.

Those instructors will generally be looking to make contact within a couple of hours so that they are not contacting you the next day for example (unless you make a quote request late in the day) when you may have already chosen a driving school from elsewhere.

It is worth noting that it may not be a good idea to choose the first instructor/training establishment that you speak with, but instead take note their details if you are happy with their quote, in case you find a better qualified Norwich instructor/an instructor that better suits your needs in the next hour or two.

6. I there any obligation to choose one of the Norwich driving lesson quotes through us?

No. Only start lessons with one of the Norwich trainers if you actually like what you are offered.

Contrary to popular belief, all driving schools Norwich are not the same. Our service enables a quick and easy way to find and compare individual Norwich driving instructors. Learning to drive in Norwich could be quicker than you think, with saving time, not having to look through phone books and directories for your driving lessons Norwich.

Intensive Driving Courses Norwich

Intensive driving courses Norwich (sometimes referred to as crash courses) can be an effective way to take your driving lessons Norwich if you are needing your driving licence in a hurry. Driving courses Norwich can take a variety of forms, from driving instructors providing only one or two hours a week to driving schools which specialise in intensive courses and therefore potentially providing 10 or 20 hours a week.

Crash course driving lessons are not necessarily the best way for everyone to learn to drive in Norwich. You may, for example getting time off work for Norwich driving lessons taken in bulk might not be possible without using up your annual holiday. Driving instructors Norwich and driving schools Norwich will generally endeavour to fit around your time limitations for your lessons.

The Best Driving Lessons Norwich

Will you tell me who are the best driving schools Norwich or driving instructors Norwich? Who you learn to drive with in Norwich is a very personal choice. Some pupils will require a patient driving instructor, 1 hour driving lessons, 2 hour driving lessons, a smaller driving school car, family sized driving school car, cheap driving lessons Norwich or the best qualified instructors Norwich.

What we will do though, is enable you to receive quotes from several driving schools Norwich and driving instructors Norwich, asking any questions you want. It’s as simple as that – in this way we help you find the most suitable driving lessons Norwich for your specific needs, quickly and as easily as possible.

The Qualifications of Driving Instructors Norwich

While all driving instructors Norwich and the rest of the country legally need to be at least partly qualified, it’s worth checking with driving schools Norwich what degree of skills, experience and further qualifications their driving instructors Norwich have.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your driving lessons Norwich. I hope you find a useful tool to get the best quotes from driving schools Norwich and driving instructors Norwich for your driving course or driving lessons.

Happy Driving!

Finding the best, not just the cheapest can save you hundreds of pounds as you learn to drive - our service can help you save!