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Driving Schools

The right driving lessons in your town or city will help you learn to drive and get that driving licence which will help your career prospects and simply get around more easily.

When you compare driving lessons/schools, it is essential to choose, from all the different driving schools and driving courses, the most skilled instructors for your driving lessons as you learn to drive quickly and safely and therefore not wasting your time and money.

Being an instructor myself, I can assure you that driving schools differ in many ways and driving courses from various driving instructors are often different in structure and content.

After you get quotes from ChoosyLearner, you may wish to look up some driving school reviews on our sister site ( which may help you to make a decision on who to choose.

Driving instructors in the UK have, by law, to be suitably qualified (check out our Driver Training Glossary page) and registered with the DSA (or the DVLNI in Northern Ireland) to take money to help you to learn to drive. This said, all individual driving instructors have varying degrees of qualification (even being partly qualified – they are learning to teach as you learn to drive!) and an entire spectrum of pass rates resulting from their driving lessons as they help people to learn to drive.

Selecting from among all the different driving instructors and driving schools and whether you learn to drive through individual driving lessons or complete driving courses can be a stressful task – so we’ve broken it down a little for you:

Driving Courses or Driving Lessons?

Although the cost of driving lessons may be the first thing that comes to mind when comparing driving instructors or driving schools, there are certainly other aspects to consider. Firstly, do you need to learn to drive in a hurry? – if so, intensive driving courses (often called ‘crash courses’) may be what you require.

Intensive driving courses are basically approximately the same number of driving lessons, but the driving schools will teach you much more regularly – as much as 3 or 4 ‘driving lessons’ a day for 1 or 2 weeks. Most driving schools will be able to accommodate you as you learn to drive in this way – some driving instructors actually do ‘crash courses’ on a full time basis.

Intensive driving courses will, more often than not, require time off work to learn to drive. If this is not possible, regular driving lessons may be more suited to your needs. Driving schools or individual driving instructors will be best placed to discuss the pace of your driving lessons as you learn to drive.

Although the branding and professional image of a national driving school such as Red, BSM, AA driving school etc. can be reassuring, these driving instructors may not necessarily the best qualified or experienced driver trainer. Equally, driving courses and driving lessons supplied by independent driving instructors may not benefit from the potential support network as they teach learner drivers.

Seeking cheap driving lessons nearly always seems a good idea – as long as the low prices don’t mean low quality driving schools! It would generally be advisable that you learn to drive with the best qualified, most experienced driving instructor as opposed to the cheapest.

Learn to Drive With the Best

There are endless phone books and directories of driving instructors and/or driving schools out there to hunt through, from which you can start phoning around and emailing companies about their driving lessons.

All this is time consuming, not to mention frustrating. make searching for driving schools much quicker and straight forward. Simply by using our system, we arrange for a small selection of local driving instructors to provide you with quotes for both their prices of driving courses and lessons and their services and skills to aid your learning to drive.

New learner drivers will be the most likely to experience the benefit of having a patient, experienced driving instructor as they will potentially be best placed to structure driving lessons the the specific needs of the novice pupil.

As an additional word of advice, ask the driving instructors what driving school car they use for their driving lessons – both for your driving comfort and ‘street cred’ as you learn to drive (for the fashion conscious!).

As well as helping you find the best deals on good quality driving lessons, you may also want to 'bookmark' our site as we also have dedicated pages to help you with things such as car insurance, the DSA 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions, intensive driving courses plus more... AND GROWING!

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